Completed: 2021

The Willows at Ashcombe


Custer Homes, Inc.
Custer Design Group, Inc.


C&F – A Partnership of
Custer Homes, Inc.
Arthur Funk & Sons, Inc.

More than just a beautiful mansion – The Willows at Ashcombe is a highly coveted event and wedding venue space in the Mechanicsburg area. The stunning, modernized historic structure you see today is the result of a meticulous two-phase restoration that transformed this 1891 Mansion from a B&B that had seen better days into a full resurrection of its original glory.

Phase 1 of this project, spanning 2 years, involved a complete restoration and preservation of the original structure’s interior and exterior by Custer Homes, Inc. and Custer Design Group, Inc. Our team’s priority was maintaining the historical charm and integrity of this 1891 mansion, while modernizing to provide the luxuries and amenities expected at a world-class venue.

Phase 2 of this project began in design during Phase 1 and was executed in less than one year at the height of the COVID Pandemic by C&F. The 20,000 SF addition includes a new ADA compliant entry, dining room, commercial kitchen and restrooms, and the seamless integration of a sailcloth tent. Each component, in and out was designed to disappear into the landscape of the original residence.